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Redwood City, CA


State Street Honey provides the San Francisco Bay Area with local raw honey from chemical free, self-sustainable apiaries. We breed local queens, nucleus (nuc) colonies, offer beekeeping instruction, adopt-a-hive programs, and various products like 100% beeswax candles, fresh pollen, homemade soaps.

Spring Nucleus Colony - 2019


Spring Nucleus Colony - 2019

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Spring Nucleus Colony - 2019


I am producing a limited run of nucleus colonies for 2019. Nucs will be ready in the middle of April. Colonies will consist of a newly mated spring queen - hand grafted by me - from one of my breeder queens. Nucs will consist of 4 frames of bee coverage with 2-3 frames of solid brood + open larvae, one frame of feed, and either a foundation frame drawn comb. All frames are less than two years old. Most frames will be from 2018. Price includes cardboard nuc box.

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