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Redwood City, CA


State Street Honey provides the San Francisco Bay Area with local raw honey from chemical free, self-sustainable apiaries. We breed local queens, nucleus (nuc) colonies, offer beekeeping instruction, adopt-a-hive programs, and various products like 100% beeswax candles, fresh pollen, homemade soaps.

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the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.

My name is Todd Parsons and I'm a beekeeper + owner/operator of State Street Honey. Founded in 2010 with one hive, bees have quickly become my passion. Today I currently manage over 50 colonies housed on distinct properties around the San Francisco Bay Area. Each location evokes a unique flavor profile, ranging from woodsy & complex to light & subtle. The range of flora in different neighborhoods - large stands of Eucalyptus, wildflowers, berries, fruit trees, native scrub and chaparral - each impart an essence that makes State Street Honey uniquely coastal Californian. 


I allow nature to guide, nurture, and instruct me as each year passes. rather than impose my will and limited knowledge upon a being that has thrived within nature for millions of years, I stand silent to listen, observe, and Learn from this amazing super-organism.


Using Langstroth hive bodies and wooden frames, I allow the bees to draw out honeycomb without molded wax foundation which can carry hidden toxic pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide loads. Known as foundationless beekeeping, the bees draw out 100% of the comb, as they do in the wild, creating cells of different sizes when and where they're needed. 

Zero Chemicals

I don't use any sort of treatment for the maladies affecting bees that one reads about in the news. I run what's called a self-sustainable apiary, meaning I breed and raise my own queens to start nucleus (or Nucs) colonies to replace any losses that I may incur. the honeyBEE'S MAIN ENEMY IS A MITE CALLED VARROA DESTRUCTOR. IT FEEDS ON BEE BLOOD AND WEAKENS THE BEE, AND BY EXTENSION, THE ENTIRE COLONY. to combat varroa, I USE A Specific STRAIN OF BEE KNOWN AS VSH (OR VARROA SENSITIVE HYGIENE).

Through selective breeding, I choose and raise queens whom are most successful in the areas of honey production, gentleness, and hygiene.  VSH bees carry a trait that allows them to find infected larvae and clean Varroa, so as to manage its population within the colony. If left unchecked, they will quickly overtake a colony in the fall. With Vsh bees, their help allows - in combination with other pest management techniques - for the exclusion of harsh chemicals. 


During the extraction process, I coarse strain my honey and never heat it. Raw honey has live enzymes that are destroyed by heat, and Fine filtering removes the pollen particles, thereby stripping the nutritional content and subtle flavors. Because I do not filter nor heat my honey, you'll receive all the beneficial properties that most store-bought honey lacks. Best of all, you'll experience a range of subtle and layered flavors you probably haven't tasted before. 

I'm of the opinion that my honey is the best that money can buy, and once you taste it, I think you'll agree. 


it simply tastes better.